1/35 CMP Chevrolet C60L GS


Full plastic kit, that  will feature 3 options of the body - open cargo, with canvas holding structure and with canvas covered body. The kit contains also optional winch assembly 

Vacuum formed canvas is to be folded and glued with corners bent - that will create excellent believable appearance of the finished model

360 grey styrene plastic parts (12 grey plastic sprues, 1 clear plastic sprue, vacuum formed canvas, 5 silicone rubber tyres) 3 decal options (Canadian, British, German)

Newly tooled windscreen with windows molded in clear plastic, can be assembled open or closed.  Step boards, bonnet and many other parts provided earlier in PE are now molded in plastic for easy assembly

Assembly instructions download here

Additional PE detail set and resin wheels available from LZ Models

est build images

Sprue Images

Sprue Images:

CAD Images WIP