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1/35 US Indian 741B Motorcycle

Full plastic kit with PE wiring  for the wheels. Superbly detailed kit with finely reproduced engine and wheels. For easy assembly, two PE bits will be put between  plastic wheel halves and these glued with plastic glue - it will secure PE parts, no other effort for handling PE parts needed. Additional few PE parts will be provided with the kit as an option to replace plastic parts for best possible result if wanted. Kit contains all the springs produced in plastic - for better appearance also a tool is provided to make up springs of wire if wanted.

Assembly guide  

Test sprue images there are a few visual issues or mold production errors like too heavy connectors (where possible, it is being reduced, however filling some very tricky little parts and also design without ejector marks need heavier connectors) or connectors molded in tyre pattern and so on. All mold issues are being fixed now, some other small things have to be improved according to our test build.


Test build images

Engine cylinders have smaller dimensions, its being modified now together with some small visual issues which might have noticed in images, everything will be corrected in a few days for kit production