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1/35 CMP C15A Chevrolet Van Lorry Truck

1/35 CMP C15A Chevrolet Van Lorry Truck - October 2012


The kit contains Cab11 and 2B1 body. Cab 11 sprue in the kit contains both, Chevrolet and Ford parts, if different (air intakes used in test build belong to Ford cab, and they were used because Chevy parts came from our producer later. In any case, the kit brings three options of air intakes - non for very early variant, circular for Chevy and square for Ford)  Limited eddition of the kit will also contain parts to convert Cab11 into Cab12

The kit includes 5 sprues of plastic parts in grey, 1 sprue of plastic parts in clear, highly detailed resin wheels and  superbly detailed transfer case, PE sheet with additional details, decals for 3 vehicles, printed assembly instructions, full photo manual with reference pictures to download:  here